Electronic Technician (North Sea – Temporary Contact)

Role Summary

This role is based in the North Sea and will be responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing electronic equipment and systems. Organizing and supervising the electronic personnel onboard.


•Providing daily operational guidelines to direct report and ensuring adherence to the Companies policies and procedures
• That technical related certification at all times is valid and available onboard
• Ensure that all manuals, policies and procedures are revised and that logbooks are maintained and updated as per requirements
• All software licenses, back-ups and upgrades are maintained.
Sufficient stock of spare parts and materials required are maintained.
• That all relevant equipment is maintained and maintenance is recorded.
• All Operational non-compliances are promptly acted on and reported to the direct supervisor.
• Thorough handovers are provided at each daily change of shift.
• Other duties are performed as required and/or directed by the supervisor.
• All drills and checks are conducted as required.
• Daily detailed planning is conducted for all upcoming operations.
• Compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.
• Operational preparedness of all safety and emergency equipment.
• Compliance with  the Companies training, certification and competence requirements.
• Compliance with the Companies housekeeping standards
• Compliance with the Companies Code of Conduct.
• Development of direct report


• A minimum of 10 years of oilfield experience with at least 5 years in similar capacity
• OPITO approved Offshore Survival Certificate including HUET
• Valid Offshore Medical Certificate by OGUK (Validity of 1 year)

Applications must be sent to hraberdeen@borrdrilling.com along with the following job reference mentioned in the subject “Electronic Technician”