Borr Drilling | Borr Drilling Limited is registered on the NOTC-list
Borr Drilling Limited is an international drilling contractor to the oil and gas industry, with the ambition of acquiring and operating modern drilling assets.
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Borr Drilling Limited is registered on the NOTC-list

Borr Drilling Limited is registered on the NOTC-list as of 19 December 2016 with ticker code BORR. The company has issued 77,500,000 shares each with a par value US$ 0.01, all of which is registered in the VPS with ISIN code BMG575071086. Based on the issue price of USD 2.00 per share (equivalent to NOK 16.89 per share), the market capitalization is USD 155 million equivalent to approx. NOK 1,308,975,000. The company has entered into an agreement whereby it will be able to use the reporting systems as of 19 December 2016.