Borr Drilling Limited (BDRILL) – Share option plan

The Board of Borr Drilling Limited (the “Company”) has today decided to issue 7,470,000 options to the Company’s employees. The award has been granted under the approved share option scheme for employees. The options have a strike price of USD 4.87 per share versus a market price of USD 4.59 by the closing on July 6th. The strike price is equal to the reference price used when the USD 350 million Convertible Bond was raised on May 16th. The options will expire after five years and have a four-year vesting period. In total 31 people are included in the options awards. Total number of options authorised by the Board in accordance with the plan is 16.86 million, including this award, which means that 2.53 million options remains unallocated for further recruitments.

The total number of shares issued as of today is 532,640,327 out of which 2,470,000 are owned by the Company. Total authorised share capital is USD 6,250,000 out of which USD 5,326,403.27 are currently issued.

The following primary insiders have been awarded options:

Name Title New Total exposure after the award (share + options)

Svend CEO 1,210,000 3,510,000
Rune CFO 710,000 3,010,000
Phillip COO 300,000 800,000

The total estimated cost of the scheme will be approximately USD 9.0 million charged to the P&L over the four-year vesting period. We see clear signs that the activity level in the offshore market is picking up and loyalty and continued availability of good people will be important. The issuance of options with a four-year vesting period will in such a positive market scenario create a solid long-term incentive and commitment to the Company. It will, contrary to higher fixed salary or cash bonuses, not have any direct cash cost and will create better alignment with the Company’s shareholders.

9 July 2018

The Board of Directors

Borr Drilling Limited

Hamilton, Bermuda

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