Borr Drilling | Ran
Borr Drilling Limited is an international drilling contractor to the oil and gas industry, with the ambition of acquiring and operating modern drilling assets.
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Design: KFELS Super A

Builder: KFELS Singapore

Year built: 2013

Class: ABS A1 Self-Elevating Drilling Unit

Principal Dimensions

Length: 246 ft

Breadth: 374 ft

Depth: 31 ft

Legs: 150 ft Longitudinal

Leg Spacing: 156 ft Transverse


Spud Can Diameter: 59 ft

Cantilever Envelope: 75 ft x 30 ft

Operating Parameters

Design water Depth: 400 ft

Drilling Depth Rating: 35,000 ft

Leg Penetration: Min. 4 ft Max. 120 ft

Air Gap: 65 ft current: 100 ft w/modifications

Design Criteria: IMO, SOLAS & MARPOL

Maximum Allowable Load

Variable Load: 14,300 KIPS

Static Hook Load: 2,000,000    lbs.

Setback: 1,450,000 lbs.

Rotary: 2,000,000 lbs.

Max Cantilever Load: 2,6000,000 lbs. at 75 ft Centerline